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  1. Julia's YouTube Debut

    • 2013-01-28
    • Dave Allen Barker Jr

    5 year old Julia has enjoyed watching MinutePhysics, "cool physics and other sweet science". On Dec 21 2012, I happened to catch Julia on video referring to MinutePhysics, and being a fan myself, thought I'd post it on YouTube as a video reply to the MinutePhysics video she referred to, "There is no pink light".

    On Jan 27 2013, MinutePhysics creator, Henry Reich, approved the reply and even tweeted about it (I learned from an early comment). As my first YouTube video, it's been an exciting 24 hours:

  2. Happy Halloween

    • 2011-10-31
    • Dave Allen Barker Jr

    The first show to hold young Julia's, and now Reed's, attention was Super Why!. It's an animated show on PBS that teaches reading using familiar storybook characters and themes. Jeanie had the ambitious idea for us to dress up as Super Why! characters for Halloween, and pulled off the following costumes for us.

    [Image: Barker family dressed as Super Why characters over Super Why background] [Image: Barker family dressed as Super Why characters with cartoon sized heads over Super Why background] [Image: Super Why characters over Super Why background]

    That's Dave as Alpha Pig, Jeanie as Wonder Red, Reed as Super Why, and Julia as Princess Presto.

  3. Happy Birthday, Reed!

    • 2011-04-10
    • Dave Allen Barker Jr

    Our little Reed is now 1, check him out!

  4. Save the Meatballs!

    • 2010-06-10
    • Jeanie Barker


    "barker" is the password.

    I promise, we don't make it a habit to torture our child.

  5. It's a Boy!!

    • 2009-12-07
    • Dave Allen Barker Jr

    We got a sonogram today, and we have a boy on the way!

    Check out the video.

    [Photo] Exciting!

    Heartbeat sounds good… [Sonogram]

    [Sonogram] Boy!

    “Little brother!” [Photo]

    [Photo] Amazing Technology

    Head Shot [Sonogram]

    [Photo] Proud Pappa

  6. Happy Birthday, Julia!

    • 2009-08-15
    • Dave Allen Barker Jr

    Our little Julia is now 2, check her out!

  7. Maxwell James Barker

    • 2008-10-08
    • Dave Allen Barker Jr

    [Photo: Adam smiles poudly holding a yawning newborn Max] [Photo: The face of newborn Maxwell, sleeping cozily on his side]

    Congratulations to my brother Adam and his wife Jess on the birth of their son, Max!

  8. Julia's Media Coverage

    • 2007-08-20
    • Dave Allen Barker Jr

    Check out Julia's Media Highlights.

  9. Jeanie’s Pregnant Belly

    • 2007-07-09
    • Dave Allen Barker Jr

    Wanna see Jeanie pregnant?

  10. Baby Shower

    • 2007-05-21
    • Dave Allen Barker Jr

    [Image: Invitation to Baby Shower] Because of the special efforts of some great friends, and much love from many others, we very much enjoyed our baby shower. Awesome invitations, not too much pink, delicious food and refreshing beverages, a beautiful cake, caring guests, fun conversation, thoughtful gifts… we couldn't ask for more.

    The event got us all the more excited to meet our little one and share her with you all.

  11. It’s a Girl!

    • 2007-04-03
    • Dave Allen Barker Jr

    We got a sonogram today, and we have a girl on the way!

    Check out the video.

    [Sonogram] “Hello?”

    “I have a heart…” [Sonogram]

    [Sonogram] “…and it beats!”

    Kick! [Sonogram]

    [Sonogram] Look Like A Girl

    Proud Mamma [Photo]

    [Sonogram] There She Is

    Amazing Technology [Photo]

    [Sonogram] “I’m sleepy…”

    “See ya!” [Sonogram]

  12. Spring is Springing

    • 2005-03-29
    • Dave Allen Barker Jr

    I awoke to the following scene this morning. As you can see, spring is springing, and it is a beautiful sight. You can also see a complete building in the distance center-left that was under constrution in earlier pictures. And now, another something is going up (you can see a giant crane).

    [View Off Our Balcony of a Spring Morning, a Panoramic Photo]

    I just felt like taking a picture, but just one wouldn't do. What you see here is my first panorama—three images stitched together. Can you see the seams? :^)

  13. Wedding Pictures

    • 2005-02-25
    • Dave Allen Barker Jr

    Finally, the professional pictures from our wedding are online.

    They are low quality (captured by holding the prints in front of a video camera), but at least you get the idea.

    If you took digital pictures at our wedding, it'd be great if you could put the full resolution images on optical media (CD or DVD) and mail it to us. We'd really appreciate it!

  14. What a Wedding!

    • 2004-05-12
    • Dave Allen Barker Jr

    Our wedding was incredible, a testament to the wonderful people who are a part of our lives. Thank you so much! We'll try to be good and continue to update our Wedding Webpage as media from the event comes in.

  15. Wedding Information

    • 2004-01-07
    • Dave Allen Barker Jr

    In case you haven't heard, Jeanie and I are getting married! We haven't officially invited anyone yet, but for those of you who are planning to make it, we finally have some information available. It is still being fleshed out, so be sure to check back. It can be found at the following address.


  16. A Stroll Down Memory Lane

    • 2003-07-20
    • Dave Allen Barker Jr

    Howdy Y'all,

    To get you a bit more excited about the reunion, I put up the class directory I made in Mrs. Avril's fourth/fifth grade class. I hope you have as much fun with it as I did.

    And please spread the joy, pass the link on to others!

    Peace, out.

    [Image: Cover in the 1984-1985 Class Directory]
  17. Happy Birthday Jeanie!

    • 2003-03-31
    • Dave Allen Barker Jr

    It's Jeanie's birthday tomorrow (2003-04-01), and I just thought everyone should know. Feel free to email her if you'd like. I know I speak for everyone who knows her when I say, "She's the best!" Jeanie's working really hard right now as she begins testing the project she's been developing for her GRA and finishing out the school semester. Happy Bithday, babe!

    [A portrait of Jeanie in partial shadow, her face softly outlined by light from a background window.]
  18. Happy Birthday Gramps

    • 2002-11-01
    • Dave Allen Barker Jr

    The ol' website has really been slacking of late. This was pointed out to me by my 70-something grandfather who happens to be wired enough to know. So here you go Gramps, something new. Happy Birthday, Rudy!

    [Rudy beams a hansom smile for the camera, while Shirley is mid-sentance in the forground and Andy galnces down in the background.]
  19. Home Hunting

    • 2002-06-23
    • Dave Allen Barker Jr

    We thinks we found a house in Atlanta!

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